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  1. Scheduling
    1. A class may be scheduled by contacting Darlene Thurm and/or Judith Ramirez for availability
    2. Number of students will determine cost of course


  1. Class Forms
    1. Roster
      1. All students write in all their information
      2. Instructor(s) complete roster as designated
        1. Type of Class – HCP, HS, First Aid
        2. Location – Name and/or address where class is being held
        3. Instructor(s) – Full Name, Card Exp. Date
        4. Student:Manikin Ratio
        5. Length of Class
    1. Written Exam + Answer Sheet + Answer Key (Version B)
      1. These are always stored in a secure place
      2. Student must score >80%  to pass per AHA standard
      3. 70-75% - Verbal remediation may be done; will be noted on answer sheet and roster
      4. <70% - must retake test; both test scores will be noted on roster
    1. CPR Critical Skills Testing Checklist
      1. Student must demonstrate all appropriate skills without skipping steps
      2. Skipped steps will be noted for remediation
      3. Student will receive remediation after all students have completed testing
    1. Evaluation Sheets
      1. Will be passed out to ALL students
      2. Notations will be made for any resolutions of any issues


  1. Cards
    1. All cards will be stamped:
      1. Issue Date = mm/dd/yyyy
      2. Expiration Date = mm/--/yyyy
    1. Student will print name on front of card and sign on back
    2. Instructor will print name on back and initial
    3. Student will contact site coordinator for replacement cards
    4. Cards will be issued immediately after passing course


  1. Filing & Record Keeping
    1. A course packet (All forms from class will be stapled)
      1. Rosters will be front page of packet
      2. All Forms will follow the front page in the order of student sign in, in the following order: Answer sheet, CPR Critical Skills Testing Checklist, Evaluation Sheet
    1. Course packets will be filed by date in a monthly file
    2. All packets will be destroyed after 3 years
    3. Each roster will be scanned and stored on a removable storage device
  1. QA/QI Process
    1. Evaluation Forms will be passed out with the test and answer sheet
      1. Students will be asked to fill them out
      2. Any concerns noted on the sheet will be discussed immediately to seek resolution
    1. A note will be made on every roster if any concerns arise
    2. Every quarter all packets will be checked for scores of 3 or less to see if improvement is needed in any area specified on the Evaluation Sheets
    3. Any areas needing improvement will be modified to improve


  1. Reporting Process
    1. Rosters will be scanned and emailed to site coordinator within 7 days of course
    2. Site coordinator will be informed via email of any issues along with their resolutions within 48 hour of course, in which case the roster will be attached.
  1. Miscellaneous
    1. Ratios
      1. Student:Manikin = 6:1
      2. Student:Instructor = 8:1
      3. For classes over 10, two instructors will be present
    1. Disclaimer = Use of American Heart Association materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American Heart Association. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA course materials, do not represent income to the Association.
    2. Confidentiality = all student information will be kept confidential (name, address, telephone, etc.)
    3. Resources
      1. BLS Instructor Manual w/ CD
      2. BLS Healthcare Provider Student Manual w/ CD
      3. CPR and First Aid DVD
      4. Posters




Any Questions or Concerns please contact:

Darlene Thurm
(832) 723-4396


Judith Ramirez
(832) 675.1947


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